TriSolaris Beta Launches on Aurora

The protocol is live on Aurora mainnet and works with real assets!

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TriSolaris announce that it is now live on Aurora Mainnet. The team is excited to get this first version out for the community.

What’s Launching

A fully-featured dex, with a simple and intuitive UI, that seamlessly allows users to

  • Provide Liquidity for any ERC20 tokens on Aurora
  • Swap between any ERC20 tokens
  • Earn fees for providing liquidity

The dex can be accessed via a User Interface at It is compatible with popular wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet.

To use the dex, you need assets on Aurora. There are two primary ways to bridge assets to Aurora


TriSolaris labs used SushiSwap’s AMM contracts, MakerDao’s multicall contracts, and the WETH9 contract that’s popular on Etherem. Contracts are deployed on Aurora Mainnet at the addrees below

  • Factory: 0xc66F594268041dB60507F00703b152492fb176E7
  • Router: 0x2CB45Edb4517d5947aFdE3BEAbF95A582506858B
  • Multicall: 0x49eb1F160e167aa7bA96BdD88B6C1f2ffda5212A
  • WETH: 0xC9BdeEd33CD01541e1eeD10f90519d2C06Fe3feB

Supported tokens can be found here.


Gas in Aurora is paid in ETH. Due to the blazing fast scalability of NEAR, you can input as low as 1 gwei for gas in metamask and your transaction should confirm instantly.

More details about TriSolaris launch can be found here.

About TriSolaris

TriSolaris is a community-owned decentralized exchange (DEX) with fast-settlement, low fees, and a democratic governance process. Built on NEAR’s Aurora EVM, TriSolaris is building the one-stop-shop for DeFi on NEAR!

About Aurora

Aurora Labs develops a technology for the deployment of Ethereum solidity smart contracts to be run on the NEAR blockchain. The trustless bridge allows for moving the assets between Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora.

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