Aurora DAO

The autonomous governance of the Aurora protocol.

The AuroraDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that will govern the Aurora protocol and is currently in the process of formation. The AuroraDAO will function similar to a traditional Board of Directors, in that there will be a "Council" of seats, the holders of which will vote on high-level protocol matters and will authorize and direct subordinate organizations to achieve those objectives.

The bootstrap Council will consist of Aurora Labs—i.e. the entity that developed and maintain the Aurora protocol—along with a diverse set of early investors and ecosystem partners. It is foreseen that the first proposal on which the bootstrap Council will vote, will be the creation of an AURORA governance token. If that happens, the holders of the token will periodically vote on the constituency of the Council.

As the AuroraDAO comes to life, we'll be publishing more details regarding how it works, what it's discussing and voting on, and how to participate as an AURORA token holder (assuming a token is created.) In the meantime, the purpose of this page is to provide a visual idea of the DAO structure.


The council members will vote on high-level decisions related to the operations and incentives of the network, and will authorize and direct subordinate organizations to achieve those objectives.
Aurora Labs
Aurora Labs is the entity that employs the team actively maintaining the Aurora protocol, under direction of the AuroraDAO.
Principal Investors
A number of DAO seats will be held by the key early investors in Aurora.
Ecosystem Partners
A number of AuroraDAO seats will be held by key early ecosystem partners such as platforms, protocols and respected ecosystem participants.
Aurora Labs
Dragonfly Capital
OKEx Blockdream Ventures


The AuroraDAO Council will discuss and vote on proposals that are raised by the community, and which relate to the Aurora protocol and its ecosystem.
Add Etherscan to the list of DAO members
Approve $AURORA Token