Aurora Bridge

Securely move tokens between Ethereum and Aurora.

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Frequently asked questions
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Very easy! Select the direction of transfer, token you want to transfer, and amount. The Aurora Bridge initially works with MetaMask. Your address on Aurora is the same as your Ethereum address. To access your tokens and apps on Aurora, the Bridge will prompt you to add Aurora as an additional network to MetaMask.
Initially, ETH—the base fee token of Aurora—is supported, along with a select list of popular ERC-20 tokens. Later, we’ll be supporting the transfer of any arbitrary assets.
To ensure security, transfers to Aurora take about 10 minutes, and transfers back to Ethereum take between 4 to 16 hours. As you can see from our roadmap, we’ll be dramatically improving those transfer times by Autumn of 2021.
The Aurora Bridge technical architecture is designed to be “trustless”, meaning there’s no reliance on third-parties for authorizations. Trustless transfers align with the ethos of decentralized finance, but do require more time, given that network confirmations to ensure transaction finality. There are, however, technical ways in which we can, and will, shorten transfer times in future updates to the bridge.
Yes! Since confirmation of transfer can take a while, you’ll be able to initiate any number of concurrent transfers.

Aurora does not charge any fees for bridge transfers.
You pay the ETH miners fee which is paid once during a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.
After the transfer from/to Ethereum is finalized, you will pay only the transaction fees of the respective network where your assets are (<$0.01 on NEAR).

The trustless bridge architecture does not allow for cancelling the transaction that has been initiated.

If the fee is too high at the moment, you can wait for the Eth gas prices to go down and finalize the transaction at any time in future.

The Rainbow Bridge is a trustless bridge  between NEAR and Ethereum blockchains. 
- You can use this bridge when you would like to use your ERC-20 assets with NEAR dapps. 

Aurora bridge is the same architecture for transfers between Aurora and Ethereum. 
- You can use this bridge when you would like to use your ERC-20 assets with Ethereum dapps that have been deployed on NEAR through Aurora.

The time to finalize a transaction from NEAR to Ethereum is unlimited. You can return at any time in the future to finalize the transaction.

Finalization of the Ethereum -> NEAR transaction should be done within 2 weeks, but transfers are usually auto finalized within 10 min because NEAR fees are very low.

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