The Rainbow Bridge Is Back!

The bridge has been reactivated after the Ethereum Merge.

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As previously announced in our article about "The Merge", the Rainbow Bridge had to be paused for security related reasons.

We bring a good news this morning, as bridging from/to Ethereum, NEAR, and Aurora was reactivated on the Rainbow Bridge App, after a week of monitoring and performing security audits.

You can now start bridging as you were doing it before* on the Rainbow Bridge app!

*Please note that due to Ethereum's migration to PoS consensus and its increased time to block finality, the bridging time for transactions from Ethereum has been increased to ~20 mins. Bridging time between NEAR and Aurora remains the same.


A quick note for the ones running watchdogs.

Please update the address of NearOnEthClient to "0x3FEFc5A4B1c02f21cBc8D3613643ba0635b9a873" to keep on contributing to the security of the bridge.

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