Weekly Update 2021-07-16

The weekly Friday update from the Aurora team.

For today's update, we announced the following progress made this week:

  • We made considerable progress on the Rainbow Bridge, including the addition of ETH support and transfer between NEAR and Aurora, as well as convenient switching between Mainnet and Testnet in the navigation. This is now live.
  • We added ERC-20 support to the Aurora Bridge, as well as optimized its access to Infura. We have one gas-related issue to resolve, and this update will be pushed to production.
  • We added a Team page to the Aurora website, where you can explore and learn about our passionate and talented team members.
  • We continued to support the community by submitting Berlin Ethereum hard fork changes for review on the SputnikVM upstream.
  • We continued preparing for Aurora’s participation in next week’s EthCC Paris conference.
  • We did work in preparation for our participation as a sponsor in the IOSG Ventures 2021 L2 Hackathon.
  • We made a lot of administrative progress around Aurora Labs, including contracts, payroll, banking and other essential business services.

And that's all from today, Friday, July 16, 2021. Have a great weekend, and look forward to providing you more updates next week.

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