Weekly Update 2022-11-04

The weekly Friday update from the Aurora team.

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Friday Update 2022-11-04

Welcome to the weekly Friday Update from Aurora!

This week's updates were first announced live on YouTube. You can find the replay here.

Aurora Updates

  • Aurora mainnet is now supported on KUCOIN

  • Aurora announced its partnership with AllStars Digital; The World’s First Digital Sports Exchange

Ecosystem Updates

  • A deep dive article about Arctic was released

  • On-chain alerts are now live on Bastion Protocol

  • OpenOcean is now available at Gnosis Safe App on Aurora

  • Stader, providing the liquid staking solution NEARX, has announced multiple partnerships in the Aurora & NEAR ecosystem

  • Incognito for privacy transactions is coming to Aurora

  • B4B World is now live on test net and you take part in their newly available creator's economy

  • $SKYWARD on NEAR has been exploited. If you were a user, consider taking actions


This is it for this week's edition. Thank you for following Aurora and we hope to see you soon on our social media. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Medium, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram to join the community. See ya!

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