Weekly Update 2022-09-30

The weekly Friday update from the Aurora team

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Welcome to the 50th weekly Friday Update from Aurora!

This week's updates were first announced live on YouTube. You can find the replay here.

Aurora Updates

  • The Ethereum Network is back on the Rainbow Bridge

  • Native NEAR USDC is coming

  • A report about bug bounties has been posted on the Aurora forum

  • Aurora held an AMA with Brave with the participation from both CEOs

Ecosystem Updates


  • Alex Shevchenko, Aurora's CEO, will be at DevCon Bogota from 11-14th October

This is it for this week's edition. Thank you for following Aurora and we hope to see you soon on our social media. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Medium, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram to join the community. See ya!

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