Weekly Update 2022-03-04

The weekly Friday update from the Aurora team.

Before we get to this week's updates, a quick note from the Aurora team regarding the weekly Alpha Leak stream.

As you may be aware, a number of Aurora staff are located in Ukraine, and navigating a very difficult situation. The family of our CEO, Alex Shevchenko is among those. Thankfully, they are currently in a safe location, as are the majority of the others.

While some of our resources have been, and continue to be, focused on helping our staff in the country get to safety, the Aurora show must and does go on. We continue to make progress, push towards our objectives, and help great products deploy on our growing network.

Until things are settled, particularly as regards our staff in Ukraine, we probably will suspend the weekly Alpha Leaks stream, and simply post updates to the blog.

The reason for this is that Alpha Leaks, in addition to being informative, is meant to be a cheerful and fun broadcast, and given the darkness of the circumstances, not only for our own staff but for peace-loving people around over the world, we just feel it'd be better to suspend the show, until it "feels right" again.

And with that, here's this week's updates:

Aurora’s Infrastructure

  • Aurora engine 2.4.0 was deployed, slowly solving a major gas fee problem, allowing new opportunities for developers and making it way harder to reach the gas fee limit for both users and developers. You can find the full update here, including awesome technical details.

  • The Rainbow Bridge integrated the WOO Token, which is now available for bridging.

  • Our CEO, Alex Shevchenko, delivered two speeches. One at ETH Denver and the other at CoinGecko's Virtual meetup.

Aurora’s Ecosystem

  • The launch of Chocomint, a decentralized multi-chain NFT platform, which received a grant for development from Aurora.

  • Endemic, a NFT marketplace built on Aurora, launched on mainnet and announced an awesome partnership with NEARenaissance to onboard more art and new artists to their marketplace.

  • Aurigami, a money market protocol natively built on Aurora, launched on the mainnet.

  • Rose announced the deployment of their borrowing system and their stablecoin, the RUSD, on testnet. The complete announcement can be found here.

  • Both ChainPort and Jumbo Exchange are now officially working on integrating the Aurora Network. ChainPort is a next-gen custodian secure bridge that lets you hop across various blockchains at a click, and Jumbo Exchange is an aggregate market maker built on NEAR.

  • The cross-chain oracle Flux Protocol and Bastion protocol, a lending protocol built on Aurora, announced their brand new partnership. Every detail can be found in this Flux Protocol’s tweet.

This is it for this week's edition. Thank you for following Aurora and we hope to see you soon on our social media. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram to join the community. See ya!

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