Bridge Abstraction: The Next Frontier in Crypto Accessibility

Unlocking effortless direct withdrawals from exchanges to Aurora & its virtual blockchains


  • The Forwarder is the first product of bridge abstraction, enabling seamless direct withdrawals from exchanges to any blockchain without user interaction with bridge mechanisms.
  • Bridge abstraction reduces the intricacies involved in asset transfers between blockchain networks, enhancing user and developer experience.
  • It simplifies integration of cross-chain functionalities in applications, allowing developers and businesses, to focus on creating innovative features for their customers rather than dealing with CEX listings and other hurdles.

As bridge technologies evolve and become fully integrated, the role of developers shifts from managing technical complexities to focusing on creating impactful user experiences and innovative features to drive growth and efficiency. Bridge abstraction streamlines development and opens up new possibilities in the blockchain space, promising a future where developers can harness the full potential of decentralized technologies without the current barriers.

What Is Bridge Abstraction?

Bridge abstraction is a fresh concept introduced by Aurora Labs with the launch of the Forwarder—a tool that lets you withdraw assets from CEXs like Binance, KuCoin, and Coinbase directly to Aurora and its business customers virtual chains, without having to deal with bridges.

The key idea of bridge abstraction is to alleviate the need for developers to manually integrate various bridge protocols and manage cross-chain compatibility, allowing them to concentrate on enhancing core application functionalities. As the CEO of Aurora Labs, Alex Shevchenko explained in a recent AMA:

“Users can directly withdraw assets like USDT from exchanges such as Binance to any blockchain within their network, like Aurora, without needing to select or understand bridge mechanisms. This permissionless and trustless approach bridges the gap between exchanges and networks, simplifying asset transfers and transactions across the blockchain ecosystem.”

The Forwarder is a novel approach currently only available for the Aurora network and its virtual chains used by Aurora Cloud customers, however, it is also a blueprint that can be used by any other network struggling with CEX accessibility.

Benefits you can expect by adding the Forwarder to your project

  • Simplified Cross-Chain Transactions: Developers can facilitate direct transfers across blockchains without additional bridging steps, minimizing coding. This approach enhances security by eliminating the risks associated with third-party services, such as phishing sites and erroneous transactions, but also improves user experience by reducing the need to search for and verify bridging solutions.

  • Enhanced Application Potential: By simplifying asset transfers from CEXs to Aurora and its virtual chains, the Forwarder allows developers to leverage Aurora’s scalability, and Ethereum compatibility without manual bridge integration. In the future, as the Forwarder extends support for other networks, it might allow for the integration of multiple blockchain ecosystems.

  • Focus on Innovation: Developers can spend more time creating user-driven features rather than dealing with the intricacies of cross-chain communications.

Looking Ahead: Chain Abstraction

The next step beyond bridge abstraction is chain abstraction, allowing even greater simplification and standardisation across blockchain interactions. For developers, this means easier integration of diverse blockchain protocols, consensus mechanisms, and smart contract languages, making the development of complex multi-chain applications more feasible and less error-prone.

To learn more about the Forwarder, check out the Aurora documentation.

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