Introducing Aurora Chaser: Elevating Your Forwarder Experience

A new loyalty program to reward your participation!

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Get ready to experience Aurora like never before with the introduction of Aurora Points, our innovative loyalty program tailored to celebrate and reward your active participation. Kicking off with the Forwarder feature in our Aurora Chaser initiative, you now have the opportunity to accumulate Aurora Points simply by transferring USD via Forwarder. But that's just the beginning; as we roll out more phases, we'll enhance the program with exciting new features, making your journey with us rewarding and engaging.

The Forwarder is the cornerstone of the next generation of financial protocols, connecting CEXs like Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, and KuCoin with Aurora and its virtual blockchains. By unlocking the smooth transfer of assets across these networks, the Forwarder stands to enhance a variety of decentralized applications in both DeFi and SocialFi.

Joining the Aurora Chaser Forwarder initiative is straightforward– initiate a USDT/USDC or NEAR transfer using Forwarder, and you'll earn 10 Aurora Points for every dollar transferred. No complicated procedures, no extra steps; transfer USD and watch your points grow. As we evolve, expect to see a diverse range of assets and earning methods introduced to expand your Aurora Points opportunities. And if you have already been using the Forwarder, there is good news for you–we have implemented retroactive rewards!

Navigating your Aurora Points journey is a breeze with our user-friendly interface, where community members can effortlessly track their points in real time.

Prepare to unlock a world of rewards and possibilities as you embark on your enhanced Forwarder experience with Aurora Points. For additional information, please consult our Important Terms and Disclaimers.

Discover the Forwarder with “Aurora Adventures”on Zealy!

Running until May 7th, dive into the Aurora ecosystem by participating in “Aurora Adventures” exclusively on Zealy. As you discover the Forwarder, you will also have the chance to win a share of a $10,000 reward pool in $AURORA!

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