Aurora Launches $VOTE

Empowering its Community with DAO Governance

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In May 2022, Aurora Labs announced the launch of Aurora+, an essential platform for the Aurora ecosystem. With this launch many features were announced, including an innovative, integral feature for the protocol’s governance.

Aurora Labs is now proud to announce the launch of Vote - a decentralized governance platform to empower the community to govern the protocol themselves.

How to Get $VOTE

The $VOTE tokens can be earnt by staking $AURORA on Aurora+, as you might be doing already to earn ecosystem rewards.

Similar to other staking mechanisms, the amount of tokens a user can earn is directly proportional to the duration and the amount of tokens being staked. In other words, the longer and the more a user's stakes, the more $VOTE the users can receive, which awards longer term believers of Aurora with more governance power.

What to do with your “$VOTE”?

Once you have earnt $VOTE through staking, there are two options: you can directly vote to elect a new DAO member (= a new member of the council), or send your $VOTE to a third party delegate to vote for you.

In the future, there will also be a variety of governance related options available to empower the Aurora community to govern and grow the ecosystem together.

Want to take part in the Aurora governance?

Join Aurora+ today to start accumulating $VOTE and get ready for the future elections!

Vote token address: 0x6edE987A51d7b4d3945E7a76Af59Ff2b968910A8 Stream Id: 5

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