Aurora supports IOSG Ventures Layer 2 Hackathon

Aurora sponsored IOSG Layer 2 Hackathon, offered ecological bounties for completing challenges, and presented a workshop to the Ethereum scaling community in China.

Aurora is proud to have been one of the top tier sponsors of the IOSG Layer 2 Hackathon that took place in Shanghai between July 1, 2021 and August 1, 2021. The hackathon was organized by IOSG Ventures and Chainlink to support developers to explore the possibilities of Layer 2 solutions.

Aurora contributed to the total prize pool of $110k and presented a workshop on how to deploy and manage the life cycle of an NFT token using Truffle on the Aurora Testnet.

Besides, Aurora suggested ecological bounties to create a Tip Web Widget and a Telegram Tip Bot. Participating teams had 48 hours to complete the challenge and win prizes from a total Aurora prize pool of $4.5k.


  • FLYTIP won the main prize for Aurora Tip Web Widget. Their solution is a React component, and they plan to extend the solution to an embedded widget such as an IFrame that can be used in pages such as WordPress. FLYTIP won the main Tip Web Widget prize of $2,000.

The decision about the Telegram Tip Bot was a tougher one, as there were several worthy submissions.

  • IFTip Bot delivered a production ready solution that was already deployed to Mainnet with both ETH and ERC-20 support.
  • dTipBot used a more innovative design and demonstrated a great spirit of resolving challenging issues within 48 hours, although at the moment they support Aurora Testnet only.

To encourage more teams to build on Aurora we decided to rewrd the TG Tip Bot bounty to both teams as winners ($1,500 for dTipBot and $1,000 for IFTip Bot).

  • Another participant of Aurora challenges Zecrey who used NEAR and Aurora in their solutions won 3rd prize from the main prize pool of the IOSG Hackathon.

Dream Big, Let's Scale

Ethereum scaling industry is a fast growing field waiting for developers to explore and find new solutions to build the New World. This is a challenging task, as every scaling approach has its own trade-offs in terms of decentralization, security, throughput, and flexibility.

We at Aurora are committed to supporting the Ethereum scaling industry and are glad to participate in such initiatives as the IOSG Hackathon. We hope more developers would join the movement of creating Web3.0 and eventually lead all of us to the future we all dream about.

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