Announcing The Aurora+ Referral Program!

Refer friends to Aurora+ to earn AURORA!

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To help promote awareness of the benefits and great user experience of Aurora+, we’re excited to announce the Aurora+ Referral Program!

Each Aurora+ account holder will now find a unique “referral link” on the Aurora+ Dashboard, that can be shared with others. An account that shares a referral link is referred to as the “referrer”.

When someone accesses Aurora+ through a referral link, and creates an Aurora+ account, that account is linked to the referrer account through a referral relationship, and is referred to as the “referree”.

Both the referrer and the referree can receive an AURORA airdrop, under the following eligibility conditions—described first in human terms, and second in lawyer terms:

Human terms:

Share your referral link with a friend. If your friend creates an Aurora+ account through your link, and stakes 100 AURORA during a period of 30 days, you’ll both get a 10 AURORA airdrop.

Lawyer terms:

  1. Stake 100 AURORA — The referree must stake a minimum of 100 AURORA in their Aurora+ account, continuously for at least 30 days. If during those 30 days, the referree unstakes such that their staked balance drops below 100 AURORA, eligibility is lost.
  2. Keep it staked for 30 days — The referree must stake the minimum of 100 AURORA within seven days of account creation, otherwise eligibility is lost.
  3. Receive a 10 AURORA airdrop! — After the 30 days of uninterrupted staked eligibility, both the referrer and referree will each receive an airdrop of 10 AURORA, directly staked in their Aurora+ accounts.
  4. Miscellaneous other terms and conditions:
  5. The referral program will be administered by Aurora Labs.A referrer can receive a maximum of 100 referral rewards (i.e. 1000 AURORA).
  6. It is strictly forbidden to abuse the Referral Program, for example, by referring accounts owned or controlled by the same entity.
  7. In order to protect against unforeseen methods of abuse (as experienced during the Aurora+ launch), Aurora Labs reserves the right to define at any time behavior it considers abusive and to deny referral rewards to any account or accounts it considers to be abusing the program.
  8. Aurora Labs reserves the right to pause or terminate the Referral Program at any time.
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