Weekly Update 2021-12-03

The weekly Friday update from the Aurora team.

For today's update, we announced the following progress highlights made this week:

  • It was a big week for Team Aurora! Here we go...
  • DIA, an open-source data and oracle solution on Aurora was launched.
  • Autofarm, a yield aggregator, on Aurora was launched.
  • We published an article announcing our major partnership with ConsenSys!
  • ConsenSys was voted in as a new Council Seat on the AuroraDAO.
  • We added the ability to specify a custom destination address on the Rainbow Bridge.
  • We launched the Aurora Knowledge Base on the easy-to-remember URL, help.aurora.dev.
  • Paul Veradittakit from Pantera Capital published an article about how Aurora brings Ethereum compatibility to the NEAR protocol.
  • We published an article summarizing an AMA with our Engine Team Lead, Joshua Bouw.
  • We published the tools necessary to enable partners to run their own Aurora relayer.

And that's all from today. Have a great weekend, and look forward to providing you more updates next week.

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