Weekly Update 2021-09-24

The weekly Friday update from the Aurora team.

For today's update, we announced the following progress highlights made this week:

  • This week we announced an upcoming Rainbow Bridge Meetup in Kyiv, the tickets for which quickly sold out!
  • The Product Team reached a milestone in the redesign of the Rainbow Bridge. The underlying client libraries were integrated with the new UI prototype app, allowing initial testing.
  • The Product Team published two new job descriptions—including a front-end developer, and a UI designer.
  • The Bridge Team made several under-the-hood infrastructure improvements, and well as support an external team in its effort to create a bridge to the Binance Smart Chain.
  • The Engine Team paused its rapid progress momentarily to conduct some needed refactoring, which resulted in further gas cost reductions.
  • In addition to its usual activities, the Quality, Security & Infrastructure Team began efforts to stand up the AuroraDAO using the SputnikDAO version 2.

And that's all from today. Have a great weekend, and look forward to providing you more updates next week.

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