Weekly Update 2021-08-13

The weekly Friday update from the Aurora team.

For today's update, we announced the following progress highlights made this week:

  • This week, in addition to the milestones mentioned below, we made progress on a number of larger activities that will require multiple weeks before reaching their first announceable milestones.
  • The new Math API from nearcore has been deployed on Mainnet. This substantially reduces fees and allows for more transactions per block.
  • Migration work on the Goerli Testnet has been completed, and the Aurora and Rainbow Testnet Bridges will be updated to use that network on Monday.
  • We completed compliance of the nETH token with the NEP-141 standard. We’ll be liaising next week with the NEAR team to have the NEAR Wallet updated accordingly.
  • Our DevOps team finalized the Dockerization of GitHub runners. This kind of behind-the-scenes work is less visible to the public, but of enormous value to our workflows and productivity.
  • We updated the Aurora Bridge UI, taking advantage of a MetaMask update that allows us to auto-switch to the source network, when toggling between transfer directions.
  • We finished refactoring of the Aurora and Rainbow Bridge client libraries, and will deploy these updates next week.
  • We nearly completed work on a Node.js version of the client libraries, a pre-requisite to the development of CLI access to our bridges.
  • We began design work on product that should allow Aurora app developers to greatly improve the onboarding experience of their users. More on this project in the coming weeks!
  • Aurora CEO Alex Shevchenko gave a presentation for Cyber Academy about cross-chain solutions and building bridges, and answered questions from the Russian speaking community. The event lasted nearly 2 hours and was live streamed at meetups and watch parties in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

And that's all from today. Have a great weekend, and look forward to providing you more updates next week.

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