Weekly Update 2021-05-28

The weekly Friday update from the Aurora team.

This past week, we launched NEAR as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, published tutorials for using MetaMask & Remix and Truffle with Aurora, and launched a bridge for transferring ETH from the Ethereum Ropsten testnet to the Aurora Testnet.

We also simplified standing up Aurora relayer hosts, prepped significant infrastructure upgrades to be rolled out imminently, and supported partners and early adopters, troubleshooting and fixing found issues.

Next week, we are planning to launch a user interface for bridged ETH, launch an Aurora Testnet faucet, roll out a block explorer, roll out edge infrastructure upgrades, write more tutorials, and finalize a NEAR protocol upgrade proposal lowering EVM execution costs.

Find the full meeting notes on HackMD, and the video recording on YouTube:

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