Introducing Lending & Borrowing on Aurora Plus

A Seamless Entry into DeFi

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From the outset, Aurora Plus has been the entry point to the expansive Aurora ecosystem, designed to introduce the countless new possibilities offered by blockchain.

Today, we embark on the next phase of this journey by introducing a new feature on Aurora Plus: Lending & Borrowing!

In collaboration with Aurigami, the leading lending and borrowing protocol on Aurora, we present the simplest iteration of what lending and borrowing should be for new DeFi users. This aligns with our mission to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Get the Most out of your Digital Assets

With this new feature, Aurora Plus users can now earn yields by depositing their assets into Aurigami's protocol–all directly through the Aurora Plus interface!This integration provides a secure and effortless way to maximize the potential of your digital assets, turning idle holdings into active yield generators. You can deposit 5 of the most popular assets so far, including ETH and USDC.e.

Borrow with Ease, Lend with Confidence

Explore DeFi’s capabilities as you borrow against your deposited assets. And after you have completed your deposit, witness your assets generating yield indicated from the interface.

You can then choose to borrow against your deposit by selecting the asset in the Borrow section. It will automatically show you how much you are allowed to borrow based on the amount of collateral you deposited.

Once confirmed, your positions will be clearly displayed and a summary of your yield and interest will be displayed at the top.

An Introduction to the world of DeFi

To streamline the process, we currently limit the number of assets you can deposit or borrow, meaning you can only deposit one asset at a time and borrow one as well. For a more comprehensive view of your holdings and for access to more advanced features, visit Aurigami.

Ready to Dive In?

Head over to Aurora Plus, connect your wallet, and navigate to the Earn section to begin your DeFi journey.

With Aurora Pass, you get 50 free transactions per month valid with all Aurora dApps– ensuring a completely gas-free experience!

Join us in this exciting new chapter and unlock the full potential of your digital assets with Aurora Plus and Aurigami!

About Aurora

Powered by its high-performance EVM, and fully trustless Rainbow Bridge, Aurora combines an Ethereum compatible experience with the modern blockchain performance of NEAR Protocol. Aurora provides an optimal environment for the creation of scalable, carbon-neutral, future-safe, and low-cost Web3 services, as well as the perfect tools to bring to life your Web3 initiatives. Try Aurora Cloud, our all-in-one blockchain solution for enterprises, and get your Web3 journey started!

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