Introducing Aurora Labs’ New Partner Program

Aurora Labs is announcing the launch of a new partner program to support builders with mentorship, marketing, business development and more.

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Aurora Labs is announcing the launch of a new Partner Program to support builders with mentorship, marketing, business development and more. This new program replaces Aurora Labs’ Fast Grants program to move towards a more sustainable and effective support model.

The new Partner Program is designed to provide projects with the assistance they need to build and deploy their projects on Aurora and beyond. The program is built around three pillars: funding, support, and community.

Connecting Projects With Funding Opportunities

One of the main objectives of the new Aurora’s Partner Program is to help projects become more independent and secure the necessary funding for the development of their products. To facilitate access to funding opportunities, the Aurora Labs team will connect projects with trusted VCs and provide feedback on projects’ ideas.

Technical & Marketing Support

With the new Aurora’s Partner Program, builders will get access to technical assistance and establish the direct line of communication with the Aurora Labs tech team, as well as a mentorship session with Aurora’s CEO Alex Shevchenko. Moreover, projects will also be able to benefit from free acceleration and incubation services provided by Aurora Labs’ partners.

Last but not least, the Aurora Labs marketing team will be available to provide support with go-to-market strategy, AMAs, PR and announcements on official Aurora & NEAR Official Channels. Our team will also help projects to establish mutually beneficial connections with other projects in the Aurora ecosystem.

Community Engagement

Aurora has established a thriving community of dedicated regional hubs and community media partners. The projects that will join our Partner Program will receive support and media coverage by our Aurora communities in form of content, AMAs, and connections with community managers, promoters, and content creators.

How to Apply?

The new Aurora Partner Program is already running and it is open to any project currently building on Aurora. To apply, fill out the application form providing the information required and one of our team members will reach out to you in no time!

Community Grants Program

If you are a community member, content writer, influencer, or designer, and you are passionate about Aurora, check out our community grants program aimed at fostering engagement and spreading awareness about Aurora and the amazing projects building on its ecosystem.

About Aurora

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