How are Aurora Chains Scalable?

Exploring the Scalability of Aurora Chains

Scalability is a significant challenge for Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs), which traditionally operate single threaded, leading to performance bottlenecks. Aurora addresses this issue by leveraging the NEAR protocol, offering a scalable solution that bypasses the constraints of traditional EVMs. This approach not only enhances performance but also introduces the potential for unlimited scalability through Aurora Chains. By doing so, Aurora sets a new benchmark for scalability within the blockchain sector, ensuring its infrastructure can expand without compromising efficiency.

Leveraging NEAR's Technology for Enhanced Scalability

At the core of Aurora's scalability lies its integration with the NEAR blockchain, renowned for its high transaction throughput and reduced finality times. NEAR's architecture is based on sharding, where the blockchain is divided into multiple shards operating in parallel, eventually consolidating into a singular blockchain data structure. Presently, NEAR operates four shards but has the capability to scale up to hundreds.

Aurora Chains, essentially smart contracts running on NEAR, benefit from this parallelism. Adding new Aurora Chains does not require NEAR’s infrastructure to grow, as only the growth of total transaction volume requires additional shards and validators to be added. The processing power from all validators on NEAR is shared across transactions, allowing for the seamless creation and operation of numerous Aurora Chains without overburdening the base technology. This unique approach ensures that the NEAR network scales with the transactional growth, underpinning Aurora's scalability.

Additionally, Aurora leverages the NEAR network's sharding and asynchronous runtime features. Each Aurora instance, acting as an individual contract on NEAR, can be allocated its own shard if necessary, significantly enhancing transaction scalability. This approach also includes a proven scalability framework for Aurora's mainnet, underpinned by an internal RPC infrastructure powered by This infrastructure acts as a safeguard, ensuring Aurora's scalability is robust and independent of the NEAR Protocol's scalability capabilities.

Breaking Through Traditional Limitations with Aurora Cloud

The conversation on scalability highlights a significant barrier for businesses integrating blockchain technology: the scalability limitations, compliance issues, and operational inefficiencies of public blockchains. Aurora Cloud offers a solution by providing a customized environment, making blockchain more accessible to businesses and promoting a scalable service ecosystem.

Aurora Chains optimize application performance by distributing workloads similarly to traditional web server setups. This allows applications, such as games, to operate efficiently across different regions (e.g., US, Europe, Asia), enhancing user experience. Similarly, blockchain applications can use Aurora Chains to handle high transaction volumes effectively, avoiding network congestion and ensuring smooth processing.

By leveraging NEAR's technology, Aurora's approach to scalability not only addresses the current limitations of EVMs but also anticipates future needs, making it a cornerstone for blockchain application development. This scalable infrastructure facilitates new business opportunities, enabling the exploration of blockchain solutions that were previously unfeasible due to technical constraints. As Aurora continues to develop, it aims to drive blockchain adoption across industries, opening a new chapter of digital innovation and opportunities.

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