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Hackathon Recap and Winners' Announcement

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The EncodexArurora Hackathon has come to a close, and it has been a remarkable event filled with innovation, creativity, and groundbreaking ideas. Over the course of four weeks, participants from around the world showcased their skills and built new impressive projects using Aurora, NEAR Protocol, and other cutting-edge technologies.

During the hackathon, Encode Club organized a series of events and workshops, covering topics such as Web3 development in Aurora, building decentralized frontends with BOS (Blockchain Operating System), Solidity deep dives, and more. These events enriched the participants' knowledge and empowered them to create exceptional projects. With this recap post, we would like to highlight the winning projects of this incredible hackathon and thank all the participants for giving it a shot!

Aurora Gaming Challenge

In the Aurora Gaming Challenge category, the winners demonstrated outstanding skills in integrating Aurora into gaming applications.

1st place: PlunderLand — USDC 3000

PlunderLand is a multiplayer competitive real-time battle-royale game where participants pay a predetermined fee to access the level and gather as many resources as possible. These resources can be converted into FT (in-game currency) if the players successfully exit the level without getting eliminated.

The developers of PlunderLand placed significant emphasis on enhancing the game's accessibility, performance, and reliability. As a result, the game is designed to run smoothly in web browsers, maintaining a stable 60 frames per second (FPS) on mobile devices that are less than 10 years old.

2nd Place: Castledice – USDC 2000

Castledice secured the second-place position with their strategic board game. Castledice is a strategic board game where your goal is to get to the opponent's castle with your knights. Each turn you roll a dice to get action points. To place a knight at the empty tile you spend 1 action point, to fight opponents’ knight you spend 3 action points. All knights must be connected, if connection breaks, the whole line disappears.

3rd Place: Burrito Virtual Pets

Burrito Virtual Pets took third place with their smart contract-based virtual pet game where a smart contract was designed for minting and managing virtual pets as NFTs. This smart contract serves as a repository for storing all the essential information and statistics associated with each virtual pet. Additionally, they developed two BOS widgets within the NEAR Protocol to facilitate interactions with the smart contract. These widgets enable users to engage in various activities, such as playing with their virtual pets, feeding them, and putting them to sleep.

Tokenization Challenge

On the tokenization challenge, projects were asked to come up with interesting real-world asset tokenization scenarios on Aurora.

1st Place: Decentralized Insurance App – USDC 1500

The first-place was brought home by Decentralized Insurance App which developed a decentralized insurance platform that enables users to insure their real-world assets.

2nd Place Aurorize and Genesis – USDC – 500

Aurorize and Genesis tied for the second-place position with their initiatives that tokenized real-world assets, offering new possibilities in the digital space.

Aurorize is a Real World Asset(RWA) Tokenization platform on Aurora through which users can tokenize any real world asset and can sell as tokens on the Aurora.

Genesis, instead, is a project that focuses on reforestation leveraging blockchain technology. Each planted tree is represented as a unique NFT, combining environmental sustainability with digital asset ownership. Sales of Genesis NFTs directly support reforestation, creating a connection between real-life planting and digital tokens.

Aurora Entertainment Challenge

The Aurora Entertainment, Digital Media, and NFTs Challenge focused on blockchain solutions for digital media and entertainment.

1st Place: 3FIT – USDC 1000

The winning project, 3FIT, introduced a gym and health club subscription platform powered by the Aurora Blockchain. With 3FIT, users can manage their access to online and offline services through NFT ownership data, providing a secure and transparent approach to subscriptions.

The conclusion of the EncodexAurora hackathon provided a compelling showcase of Aurora's versatility and immense potential across diverse domains, from gaming, asset tokenization, digital media, and education. We congratulate the winners for demonstrating their skill in harnessing Aurora's capabilities to develop innovative solutions. The event's success serves as a testament to Aurora's ability to drive industry-wide transformation through the implementation of decentralized applications and smart contracts and are looking forward to more innovative projects to thrive in our ecosystem!

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