Aurora Pass Goes Live!

Simplifying the Transition to Web3

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Aurora Pass Goes Live: Simplifying the Transition to Web3

Gibraltar, GI, July 20th, 2023

Aurora Labs is excited to introduce Aurora Pass, the revolutionary mobile crypto wallet for the Aurora networks. Aurora pass is designed to simplify the onboarding process allowing businesses to tap into the Web3 world without compromising on effectiveness and simplicity.

With Aurora Pass we provide businesses a straightforward path to Web3 by simplifying the onboarding process for their users, streamlining gas fee management, and enabling easy interaction with decentralized applications on mobile browsers, while ensuring the utmost safety and security for digital assets. By integrating with Aurora Pass businesses can harness the power of Web3 while providing their users easy access to this new world!

By integrating Aurora Pass, businesses gain effortless access to the power of blockchain through a universal transaction signer. This enables seamless cooperation across entities and unlocks new experiences for customers. The groundbreaking feature of aggregating assets and transactions in a single wallet empowers businesses to collaborate by recognizing assets from other companies, allowing loyalty programs to thrive in the blockchain realm.

To read more about Aurora Pass and what it offers we encourage you to read our introduction to Aurora Pass and we invite you to get in touch with our team for questions pertaining to its integration!

Embrace Aurora Pass today and unlock the true potential of decentralized technologies. Experience the seamless incorporation of blockchain features and foster collaboration in the ever-evolving world of Web3, get started now!

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About Aurora Labs

Powered by its high-performance EVM, and fully trustless Rainbow Bridge, Aurora combines an Ethereum compatible experience with the modern blockchain performance of NEAR Protocol. Aurora provides an optimal environment for the creation of scalable, carbon-neutral, future-safe, and low-cost Web3 services, as well as the perfect tools to bring to life your Web3 initiatives. Try Aurora Cloud, our all-in-one blockchain solution for enterprises, and get your Web3 journey started!

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