Forwarder: The Aurora Solution to Blockchain Fragmentation.

Explore Aurora's Forwarder, linking assets from top CEXs to Aurora & virtual chains, simplifying blockchain integration.


  • Developed by Aurora, the Forwarder bridges assets from CEXs like Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin and more, to Aurora Mainnet and other virtual blockchains, bypassing blockchain network restrictions.
  • Enables developers to focus on building products rather than navigating exchange listings.
  • Enhances interoperability, connecting users to a broader blockchain ecosystem.
  • Paves the way for a more unified and accessible blockchain ecosystem.

The Challenge: Fragmentation Across Networks

Centralized exchanges play a pivotal role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering a straightforward and accessible platform for users to engage in trading cryptocurrencies. These platforms are particularly valued for their user-friendly interfaces and the security they provide, making them the go-to option for both newcomers and seasoned traders.

Despite these benefits, CEXs come with a notable limitation that impacts the user experience: the restriction on transferring assets to blockchain networks that are not directly supported by the exchange. This limitation hinders users' ability to explore the full potential of the blockchain universe, restricting their investment strategies and participation in new and emerging decentralized platforms and applications.

In an industry characterized by rapid innovation and the continuous emergence of new blockchain networks and decentralized applications, the ability to effortlessly move assets across these diverse ecosystems is becoming increasingly crucial. As crypto continues to gain popularity, the demand for greater freedom and interoperability will continue to push CEXs towards finding alternatives to bridge centralized platforms to the vast decentralized landscape of blockchain technology and DeFi.

Addressing this need, the Forwarder emerges as a pivotal innovation, especially for virtual chains and similar emerging blockchain platforms that often lack sufficient support from CEXs, leading to potential isolation. With the introduction of the Forwarder, virtual chains users now benefit from the transformative capability of immediate asset withdrawals from CEXs, hence bridge abstraction. This advancement is critical for businesses that found it challenging to integrate into the broader blockchain ecosystem due to these limitations. By enhancing connectivity, the Forwarder not only significantly benefits Aurora Cloud but also promotes broader blockchain adoption and fosters genuine interoperability across the sector, marking a step forward in overcoming the fragmentation across networks.

Introducing the Forwarder

The Forwarder acts as a bridge between CEXs, Aurora Mainnet and virtual chains. It allows you to move your digital assets from an exchange directly to networks previously out of reach, making the whole process smoother and opening up new opportunities in the blockchain universe.

Future Direction

The Forwarder's journey is just beginning. Our vision for its future is to widen its network support, making it even easier to connect with diverse blockchain ecosystems. This strategic expansion is designed to simplify the connection process between users and diverse blockchain environments, thereby making the exploration and interaction with digital assets more accessible than ever before.

Our commitment is to evolve the Forwarder into a more adaptable and powerful tool that can keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of the crypto community. By enhancing its usability and broadening its capabilities, we aim to lower the barriers to entry for participating in the blockchain ecosystem, thereby fostering a more inclusive and interconnected digital asset landscape.

In doing so, we not only aim to enhance the utility and appeal of Aurora's platform but also to contribute to a broader movement towards a more seamless, user-friendly blockchain ecosystem that can accommodate the next wave of innovation and adoption in the digital asset space.

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About Aurora

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