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Aurora’s Mission for Mass Blockchain Adoption

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Blockchain technology is forging new opportunities within the business world in the same way cloud computing has over the past decade. It offers a world of enhanced security, transparent transactions, and decentralized business models, fundamentally altering how companies engage with customers and manage assets. From a user perspective it provides a truly transparent and trustless environment in which bad actors can be easily identified.

For businesses, making a successful leap to Blockchain rests on several pillars: user interfaces that untangle, evolving compliance processes, scalable and interoperable technologies that accommodate growth; and crucially, a robust, flexible infrastructure tailored to fit their specific business needs.

Aurora Cloud caters to the emerging needs of businesses with an intuitive suite of tools that simplifies blockchain infrastructure management, ensuring a harmonious transition that integrates seamlessly with existing business practices.

Aurora Cloud: Paving the Way for Easy Blockchain Adoption

Aurora Cloud is a comprehensive platform designed to assist businesses in their web3 initiative. It does so by providing products and services to help them deploy, manage, and monitor their blockchain infrastructure. As such, businesses are able to get their own customised blockchain, part of the Aurora Chains network. This allows them to get a tailored environment adapted to their business model. Aurora Cloud also provides gas management services to provide a frictionless experience for their users as well as a series of add-ons to complete any chain setup, such as KYC integration, AMM, onramp, multisig, and much more.

The platform's user-friendly Console is at the heart of this facilitation. It allows businesses to effortlessly set up and manage their customized chains, providing the autonomy necessary to steer their internal operations on-chain. Operating as the central command center, the Cloud Console offers the tools and insights needed to fine-tune performance and maintain an agile business model in a rapidly evolving digital economy.

Put simply, Aurora is providing the world's first plug-and-play Blockchain solution designed solely to enhance the services businesses offer whilst simultaneously providing a seamless user experience. At Aurora we believe that Blockchain technology itself is merely the foundation to provide a best-in-class user experience. Businesses don’t care whether they work in web2 or web3 and their customers certainly don't; they simply want the most efficient solution to provide the most engaging interaction with their customers. Aurora Cloud is that solution. The Aurora Cloud Solution is the gateway to achieving this, by unlocking the ability to select, deploy, and manage every aspect of their blockchain infrastructure. This level of control and accessibility is one of the cornerstones of Aurora Cloud's vision for the future of Blockchain — a future where deploying blockchains is as straightforward as any traditional IT solution, thereby enabling businesses to innovate and secure a competitive edge whilst removing unnecessary costs and complexities.

By delivering the necessary infrastructure and tools for chain customization, alongside a hub for monitoring and managing these implementations, Aurora Cloud is setting a new standard for blockchain adoption. It's not just about providing the technology; it's about offering a comprehensive environment where businesses can thrive.

Aurora Cloud Key Components

Aurora Chains: Customized Blockchain Environments

At the core of Aurora Cloud lie the Aurora Chains, unique to each customer's needs. These specialized blockchains are built upon the Aurora network, inheriting its strong capabilities including complete Ethereum interoperability. This, coupled with the performance enhancements from the NEAR protocol ensures that Aurora Chains offer businesses the flexibility to craft their own token systems, govern transaction fees, and structure their blockchain network to align with their strategic business models. With these capabilities, businesses can create bespoke, permissioned environments for a variety of applications, ensuring controlled access while maintaining the potential for broader interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem. Whether it is gaming companies looking to offer global product parity or payment companies looking to reduce transaction rejection rates, Aurora ensures maximum efficiency and minimal disruption.

Gas Management Control Center: Ultimate blockchain usability

Central to Aurora Cloud's architecture is its Gas Management System, a sophisticated engine for transaction processing and accounting. This component empowers businesses to remove one of the biggest friction points in blockchain adoption: transaction costs.

The Gas Control System provides businesses with complete control over the allocation of free transactions, allowing them to create customer segments and assign different behaviors to them. For example, a business can designate premium users who enjoy 50 free transactions per user and per month, while new members receive 10 free transactions without a renewal date. This capability greatly enhances user experience while allowing businesses to implement effective retention strategies. Furthermore, this system also removes a significant barrier for customers who no longer need to potentially buy other tokens just to swap them to a compatible one on chain.

Aurora Pass: Seamless Mobile Blockchain Experience

Recognizing the mobile-centric approach of many modern businesses, Aurora Cloud has developed Aurora Pass. This digital wallet serves as the most user-friendly gateway to the blockchain world, facilitating seamless onboarding for new users. With transaction authorization via familiar biometric methods like Touch and Face ID, Aurora Pass offers a secure yet familiar experience, easing the transition of user-centric companies to blockchain technology. Aurora Pass Pro takes this even further by offering customers a white-labeled wallet solution specifically for their own users to ensure brand continuity and customer engagement.

Aurora Cloud Unique Characteristics

Besides the ability to develop your own customized chain and an innovative approach to gas fee management, Aurora Cloud offers a selection of features that are key for businesses.

Seamless Chain Interoperability

Interoperability is a cornerstone of Aurora Cloud, with an infrastructure that supports an interconnected network of chains. This cohesive ecosystem facilitates communication and resource sharing—such as liquidity—across Aurora chains environments, enabling true scalability applications.

Comprehensive Marketplace of Add-Ons

Aurora Cloud carries on its mission to help businesses onboard onto blockchain by providing a marketplace of add-ons. This extensive suite of tools and services includes a variety of solutions, from KYC integrations to multisig and onramp solutions. The marketplace delivers ready-made integrations that will streamline the development of blockchain applications.

Advanced Real-Time Analytics

A pivotal aspect of Aurora Cloud is its in-depth analytics, available directly within the Cloud Console. Clients can monitor anything from RPC requests to all transactions in realtime to ensure all the insights that enterprise-level companies need are available 24/7.

Aurora Cloud goes beyond conventional blockchain services, equipping businesses to exploit the full spectrum of blockchain capabilities. Thanks to its versatility Aurora Cloud can cater to any industry need, whether it‘s tokenization of real-world assets, gaming, or finance, with Aurora Cloud you are fully equipped to bring any idea and business model to realization. This makes it the ideal platform to establish a dominant presence in the rapidly evolving digital economy.

The future of Blockchain technology is here!

Aurora Cloud has officially launched, and with the imminent release of its Cloud Console, it is set to offer an enhanced, streamlined experience for businesses all whilst embracing efficiency and enhancing user experiences. As of the 29th of November, you will be able to get your own customized chain ensuring that your focus stays on your business, and not your infrastructure.

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Aurora is a platform for Web3 developers to build pioneering and scalable distributed applications. Powered by its high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (the Aurora Engine) and fully trustless bridge (the Rainbow Bridge), Aurora combines the builder-friendly development experience of Ethereum with the modern blockchain performance of the NEAR Protocol to offer an environment for creating highly scalable, carbon-neutral, future-safe, and low-cost Web3 services.

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