Aurora Cloud Onramp: A Münzen-Powered Solution for Buying Crypto Assets

Simplifying crypto transactions for investors, streamlining integration for developers, and offering plug-and-play solutions for Aurora Cloud customers

We are excited to announce that Münzen, a leading fiat-to-crypto service provider, now supports the Aurora Chain and its virtual blockchains. This new collaboration makes it easy for everyone—whether you're new to crypto or a seasoned user—to buy cryptocurrencies like USDT and USDC directly on Aurora. It's designed to simplify things for retail investors, help developers integrate crypto payments, and assist Aurora Cloud customers with a plug and play solution for their application.

Key Benefits for Users & Developers

  • Immediate Asset Purchases: Users can start buying assets directly on Aurora and its virtual chains from day one without the need for extensive technical setup, thanks to the efficient cross-contract call technology (XCC).

  • Enhanced User Experience: The Münzen-powered widget not only simplifies the asset purchase process with its intuitive interface, but also allows users to buy up to 100 euros worth of assets without undergoing KYC.

  • Cost-Effective Integration: Traditional onramps often involve high setup fees, sometimes up to $50,000, and complex processes. This solution eliminates these barriers for Aurora Cloud customers, requiring no upfront costs at all as it is already integrated and enabled the moment their Virtual Blockchain is deployed.

  • Global Accessibility: The service is available in 115 countries, supports transactions in 16 fiat currencies, and facilitates the immediate purchase of popular cryptocurrencies. Check the Münzen website and T&C for more information.

How to Get Started

To find out more about implementing the Münzen Widget in your application, or launching your own Münzen enabled Virtual Blockchain simply contact the Aurora Labs team today. They will assist you with the integration process, ensuring a smooth setup.

About Munzen

Münzen offers a range of payment solutions that cater to various needs, from simple fiat to cryptocurrency transactions, to comprehensive services like cryptocurrency payments processing, payouts, and over-the-counter services. Münzen also hosts an NFT marketplace, showcasing unique collections.

About Aurora

Powered by its high-performance EVM, and fully trustless Rainbow Bridge, Aurora combines an Ethereum compatible experience with the modern blockchain performance of NEAR Protocol. Aurora provides an optimal environment for the creation of scalable, carbon-neutral, future-safe, and low-cost Web3 services, as well as the perfect tools to bring to life your Web3 initiatives. Aurora’s flagship virtual blockchain solution Aurora Cloud, is designed from the ground up for businesses looking to seamlessly leverage Blockchain technology to provide a web2 experience on chain.

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