Announcing the First Native Liquid Staking Token for Aurora Protocol

Meta Pool Launches stAUR, the first liquid staking token for the Aurora ecosystem

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The announcement was originally published on Meta Pool's Medium Publication on May 4th 2023

Mexico City, Mexico. May 4, 2023. Today at 5pm UTC the Liquid Staking service, Meta Pool launches staked Aurora (stAUR) on mainnet.

Decentralized Exchanges will now be able to leverage the benefits of a self-accruing token on the Aurora blockchain. Claudio Cossio, Meta Pool co-founder explains, “We’re delivering a Liquid Staking Token that increases Aurora’s total value locked, so stAUR can open up more DeFi opportunities for Aurora token holders.”

The Liquid Staking Token stAUR supports the Aurora ecosystem and brings more liquidity into the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains. This increases capital efficiency and mobility for the Aurora tokens and unlocks more value-creation opportunities in the Aurora and NEAR ecosystems.

stAUR is the first native Liquid Staking Token in the Aurora ecosystem, it came as a result of participating in this year's ETHDenver, where the Meta Pool won first prize in the Aurora hackathon track developer competition.

Meta Pool Ecosystem

The release of Liquid Staking for Aurora is part of the launch of the Meta Pool ecosystem. This is an innovative move to bring all of Meta Pool’s products and services under one decentralized application (DApp) that is connected to multiple blockchains. The new ecosystem will allow ease-of-use for new and advanced blockchain users that want to experience what a DApp should do and how it delivers value for NEAR, Aurora, and soon Ethereum token holders.

Whitelist for Liquid Aurora

Meta Pool has opened the stAUR Liquid Staking service to a select group of users. If you are interested in participating in the whitelist program, please fill out this form.

About Meta Pool

Meta Pool is the first Liquid Staking solution on the NEAR Protocol and Aurora (EVM) blockchain. The total value locked is around 9 million delegated NEAR tokens (USD 17.5M). It has support from leading crypto funds such as Dragonfly, A&T Capital, Lyrik Ventures, IOSG Ventures, Warburg Serres, Big Brain Holdings, DARMA Capital, Blockwall Sky Vision Capital ,D1 Ventures and angels.

About Aurora

Aurora is a platform for Web3 developers to build pioneering and scalable distributed applications. Powered by its high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (the Aurora Engine) and fully trustless bridge (the Rainbow Bridge), Aurora combines the builder-friendly development experience of Ethereum with the modern blockchain performance of the NEAR Protocol to offer an environment for creating highly scalable, carbon-neutral, future-safe, and low-cost Web3 services.

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